It’s really happening (baby #2)


Alright, at 16 weeks I’m officially in my second trimester. While I’m grateful to all the gods that be that I’m not puking 2-3 times a day anymore, I have to say that the thing I notice the most is that I’m SO. TIRED. Like all day. I don’t remember this from when I was pregnant for Olivia, but then I think back at that time and I was able to take a nap on demand and get up as late as I wanted to. Ahhh the experience of being pregnant with a toddler 🙂

Here’s how I’m doing this time around:

1. How big is the baby?

Baby is the size of an action hero. Since we are having a boy, I’m using the “fun and games” theme to make tracking how big baby is a bit more fun. My app shows an action figure of Batman, which Justin finds very amusing. 

2. Foods I Love…

Cheese. It’s officially a craving. I want grilled cheese, queso (need to make a trip back home and hit up Pappasitos soon), and string cheese. At this point I’ll even have a spoonful of shredded cheese. They say having a boy makes you crave salty foods. I suppose cheese fits in that category, although I also crave chocolate…  

3. Foods I Hate…

Red meat, seafood (just like with Olivia) and salads. Although a salad sounds fantastic, the leafy greens make my acid reflux flare up and that lump in my throat is here for the second time, so I’m avoiding anything that is grainy or small. 

4. How I’m Feeling…

Like I said before, I thank all the gods that be that I’m not puking anymore. First trimester morning sickness is pure torture and I’m grateful I’m able to function at more than what felt like 20% for the fist 2 months. Although I’m able to eat more, I still feel uncomfortably full after eating a small meal. I’m also super tired. I blame chasing an active toddler and the parasite I’m hosting. I nap when my toddler naps and try to get in some afternoon snoozes on the weekends when my husband can watch her for a while.

5. Looking Forward To…

Our 20 week ultrasound coming up at the end of this month. Looking forward to seeing how the baby is growing and how everything is forming. I’m also looking forward to feeling him kick soon. I’ve been told that second time moms can feel their baby kick sooner because they know what it can feel like versus first time moms. Hopefully he’ll let me know he’s in there soon! 

6. Scared About…

The unknown of having a boy. It’s a real uncertainty you guys. I worry about all of it- how to raise a boy, what kind of mother I’ll be to two little ones, will Olivia be as close to a brother as I am to my sisters, will they be able to share a room OK, or will it be weird- all that. I also wonder how I’m going to be able to make it my new normal of raising two kids. I know people do it all the time, but it’s a new thing for me. If you’ve got insight or tips, please leave it in the comments section! 

7. Things I’ve Learned…

Pregnancy is not good on me. They say every pregnancy is different, but my body has shown twice that growing a baby doesn’t agree with me. The morning sickness, full feeling, acid reflux and exhaustion is part of the deal, and I’m grateful I’m able to conceive and have babies, but it’s hard on my body. 

Boy, Oh Boy!

We always knew we wanted to give Olivia a sibling. My sisters and I are best friends, so how could we not give our little one that opportunity? Justin has a sister, my dad has a sister and my mom has 2 other siblings. So when Justin and I talked about bringing another little one into this world to be a partner in this one-of-a-kind family of ours, it wasn’t even a question.

Enter procrastination.

We didn’t know the age difference we wanted them to be, and when people would ask us when we’re going to have another one, our response was always “eventually, but not now”.

Enter the now.

It’s almost as if God gave us the push we would never give ourselves. Like the universe told us “ok, I know you want this, and you aren’t getting any younger, and you obviously aren’t there yet, so let me help”. And BOOM! Positive pregnancy test.

And with modern medical technology, and my history of a not-so-awesome pregnancy and “advanced maternal age”, we were able to determine the sex of our little gummy bear (or as I would like to call it, the parasite that is trying to kill me in the first trimester). We are happy to announce that we are having a BOY!

Yep, a boy. Justin is beyond stoked, and I’m a little nervous of having a different gender when all I know is the life of girls. So far everything has checked out as normal and at 14 weeks (or as I like to call- magic week), I’m able to eat again (YES). Come this June, Olivia will be a big sister!

Our little one has been such a wonderful experience that beyond exceeded my thinking of how it would be to raise a child, let alone a daughter. She’s smart, curious, active, loving and sleeps through the night, man. I love her more than my heart can take, and she’s going to be such an incredible big sister.

Here’s to our new family of 5!

5 Drugstore Beauty Buys

Oh Walgreens, how I love thee. With a convenience store with a beauty section within walking distance to me, Walgreens is a curse and a blessing. I can walk in and buy overpriced milk and a new lipstick. Ahh the life.

I recently went through the ridiculous amount of makeup that I never wear and decided to part ways (that 3 year old gray eyeshadow that I swear I was going to learn how to wear without it making it look like I have a black eye had to GO). With my new lifestyle needing to be quick, easy and pretty, I’ve been doing some research and buying items that do just that. The natural look is in people, and this new mom needs anything but trending “you can learn it!” statement beauty items. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Here are my recent drugstore beauty buys and wins for anyone looking to create that everyday look with nude shades. These can be found at your local Target, Walgreens, etc.


drugstore beauty buys4

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Classic Nude $8.99

This is my all time favorite item, hands down. Goes on really smooth, gives a nice sheer tint without it looking matte and pale. Best of all it smells like watermelon. Un-fragranced/flavored lip products are a no-no for me.


drugstore beauty buys3

Wet ‘n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells $2.99

Can we just stop and look at the price for this product? A steal people. This particular trio is my favorite because of the neutral, flattering shades, but I’ve bought several of these. They last a good amount of time (but at $3 does it even matter?) and the color payoff is great.


drugstore beauty buys2

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil in Sharp Brown $7.99

They do have this pencil in black, but I like to keep it a little more subtle with the brown. Easy to apply, doesn’t smudge and great for lining the bottom lashes. I can get a very thin line with this pencil, so it’s a keeper!


drugstore beauty buys1

Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara $7.99

I’ve tried a lot of the drugstore mascaras and none seem to really create the volume I need even after using my trusty eyelash curler. This one seems to do a great job. If you’re looking for a waterproof mascara that keeps up with splashing, tears, humidity and the like, this one rocks, and it’s $4!

drugstore beauty buys

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles + Treatment $7.99

I’ve got some dark circles you guys, and need a concealer that will cover that up stat. While I love the consistency and the slight glowy-ness that this one gives, it’s best if set with powder so it doesn’t melt throughout the day.


AND as a bonus, if you do decide to walk into an Ulta or Sephora on your beauty buying binge (did you see the $3 price tag for the Wet ‘n Wild shadow trio???), this would be a good one to steal:

drugstore beauty buys5

Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne $20

This tiny tube lasts a LONG time you guys. Although it’s marketed as an eye shadow primer, I use it on the daily as a cream eyeshadow. Since it’s a primer first and foremost, it stays on all day.

So what do you think? These 5 drugstore beauty buys totally hit the spot for me and I use them practically everyday. Try them out and see what you like!