Baby Stations


Before Kids: Master Bedroom, Living Room and Baby Room

After Kids: Station #1, Station #2, Baby Room (Station #3)

Walk into our house and there should be no question we have a kid. Our living room is packed with books, bead mazes and so many things that play music, sing songs and flash an obscene amount of lights. We know all the songs on the Playskool drum activity station (“yeah yeah!”) and VTech walker (“welcome to our learning farm, we have much to show you!”) it’s almost sad. But our little one loves it and it keeps her entertained without staring at a TV so we roll with it.

Our day consists of going from baby station to baby station, up and down the stairs, with 2 breaks for naps. I hear the songs when they aren’t playing and know the books by memory (Brown Bear, Brown Bear anyone?). With all of that, I’m still amazed of how much our little one learns everyday and how much more she can can do today than she did yesterday.

When she goes to sleep at night and I start winding down from the day, I look at these toys and look forward to what new skill she’ll figure out tomorrow. Until then, I enjoy the silent break.


Then I lay my head on the pillow and my mind says:

“welcome to our learning farm, we have much to show you…”

halfway through the first year

little one

I blinked and our little one is 6 months old. Halfway through her first year.

I can’t believe it.

6 months ago she was a 3 lb. newborn with no head control and wearing onesie’s that were too big for her small body. She struggled to keep her head up, couldn’t consume more than 2 ounces of milk and crossed her eyes now and then while they figured out how to work in tandem.

It’s an amazing journey to see how much she’s grown, almost unrecognizable since the day we brought her home. She’s on her hands and knees, wanting desperately to coordinate her limbs to move forward, eats an easy 5 ounce bottle, laughs, smiles and makes noises. She responds happily to music and knows her name.

little one

With all of these new changes, one things remains. She loves to take naps on my chest.

The other night as I was rocking her to sleep, I felt her heavier for the first time. What once took up just my chest as her sleep real estate now stretched until my pelvis. She’s growing.

What they say is so right- it goes by so fast. I love this new stage that she’s in, but I’m also reminded that the days are numbered until she no longer can fit or want to take naps on my chest. I’m reminded on those days to slow down, leave the dishes, laundry and all chores aside and take in those precious moments. To put down the phone, close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel her body so close to mine. Nothing beats that.

Happy 6 months little one, we love you so much.

little one

A Happy Childhood


My Fairy Godmother, The Little Green Elf, New Kids on the Block birthday song, New Year’s “shows”. These are just a few of the things I remember when I was little. I had a happy childhood.

Every year on my birthday, one of my mom’s friends would dress up as our “fairy Godmother”, walk across the street to our house at the crack of dawn and sprinkle glitter on our faces to wish us a happy birthday. It was magical and at night we would look up at the stars and pick the brightest one because that’s where she lived.

There was a little green elf that only my mom (of course) could see that would eat all our food if we didn’t. For some reason, the little green elf liked mostly vegetables (go figure). It made dinner just a little more fun.

My sisters and I would rehearse songs that we would perform for family and friends every year for New Years Eve. It was so much fun and looked forward to it every year.

I recently read an article on Scary Mommy that struck me so much it brought tears to my eyes as I rocked my little one to sleep the other night. She talked about being an author to this particular part of her child’s life (read it here, it’s a good one).

Since Olivia will never remember this part of her life, it’s my job to mold it into one where she is happy. The giggles, new discoveries, and all the “firsts” are things that I will remember. As she gets older, I want her to look back at these moments and smile.

My parents went above and beyond to give us a happy childhood. They didn’t have to, but they did. Sure there were ups and downs, tantrums, unfair situations and your normal spread of growing pains, but when I remember my childhood, there is one word that stands out: