friday’s fab five {4.11.14}

The fab five is posted every Friday to end the week on a happy note and features items on my radar that I’m loving right now. Who knows, you might find something that could be on your fab five list!

What are you up to this weekend? My sisters are in town and we are going wine tasting tomorrow. Nothing like hanging with your two best friends drinking bubbly in wine country. The weather has been gorgeous over here, so we’ve been exploring the city and eating way too much.

Here’s this week’s fab five!

1. Dried Lavender ($6 a bunch at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market)


image via Nettleton Hollow

I know, nothing new here, but I just discovered how AWESOME it is to have dried lavender in the bedroom to promote relaxation. I got some at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago, put them in a vase and let the smell fill up the room. When the fragrance isn’t as strong, just squeeze the flowers to release the essential oils. This is a bedroom must. You can get it at your farmers market (even Amazon sells it).

2. “We All Have Baggage” Tote” $20


image via Random Objects

This tote is sure to get a lot of looks and chuckles and is perfect to carry around while shopping. Super cute, a nice size and matches everything.

3. Twin Peaks (San Francisco)


San Francisco is FILLED with an endless amount of things to do. It’s just ridiculous really. I took a drive and decided to check out this Twin Peaks everyone keeps talking about. After driving up the windy, somewhat scary hill, I reached the top and the view was amazing. You can see the entire city and how beautiful it really is.

4. Recipe of the week: Pasta al Forno


O.M.G you guys, this stuff is so good. My parents were here visiting this past weekend and I basically told my mom she couldn’t get on the plane home unless she made this. It’s so good and not at all healthy. Think pasta, bechamel sauce and cheese. I can’t even.

5. Song Pick: “Forever” HAIM

I’m not usually into girl rockers, but these ladies are different. Fun, happy songs that make me pay attention. They are playing at Coachella and I’m so excited to see them. I heard this song first in this Target commercial and immediately Shazam’ed, looked up, and bought on iTunes. Done, done and done.

That’s it for me, have a great weekend everyone!

family matters


When I was younger there was a time I couldn’t wait to be as far away from my family as possible. Today that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Being away from family is one of the hardest things about moving to another city (let alone another state or even another country). It’s tough. It pulls at your heart-strings. For a close family as mine is, it’s overwhelming.

My parents came to see me for the first time since moving to San Francisco and I was beyond excited to see them. Days before I was planning what sights to show them, what food spots they had to try (horchata ice cream from Mitchell’s), and what day trip would be perfect (can’t do better than 75 and sunny in Carmel).


Now that I’m older, I can relate to my parents more than even before. We are in a good place. A place where I seek advice, value their opinion and want as much “mommy and me” and “daddy and me” time as possible.

With people all over the world moving away from home for jobs, spouse, new opportunities, exploration, or just change of scenery, the concept of family matters so much more as a mobile society. Back when my parents were growing up, tradition would require you to stay with your parents until you got married, and even when you did, you might live next door.

I remember an episode of Modern Family (a show that everyone should watch in my opinion) where they shot all members of the family outside a food truck just laughing and having a good time. I’m reminded that now that even though those times are few and far in between, they are that much more valuable.


friday’s fab five {4.4.14}

The fab five is posted every Friday to end the week on a happy note and features items on my radar that I’m loving right now. Who knows, you might find something that could be on your fab five list!

What are you up to this weekend? My parents are in town and we doing some sightseeing in the city. It’s funny how when you’re young you want nothing to do with your parents, and now that I’m older I just want to spend more time with them. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

Here’s this week’s fab five:

1. Washing Machine Suitcase


image via suit suit

On one hand it’s a super cute idea for a suitcase. On the other hand, it reminds you of what you have to do when you get home. Either way it makes for some chuckles and grins at the airport (and you know there are people at baggage claim that really need that right now).

2. Recipe of the week: Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake (via A Beautiful Mess)


image via A Beautiful Mess

I love coffee cake and this recipe with greek yogurt and pecans looks just about perfect for a weekend brunch.

3. Tech Jewelry: Cuff


image via Cuff

I’m really liking where wearable technology is going. Check out this new company called Cuff that is all about personal security without sacrificing style. Prices are reasonable and pieces are pretty nice. Now you can call for help without saying “help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!”.

4. Action Hero Movie Kid

This dad wins the either Bored-At-Work Award or Awesome-Dad Award for these videos. Daniel Hashimoto works as an after-effects artist for Dreamworks and decided to put his skills to make his son a superhero. Check out the rest of the 10-second clips here. Nice job man.

5. Louis C.K on SNL

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via Hulu

It took me while for Louis C.K’s comedy to grow on me, but he’s pretty darn funny. His SNL monologue was hysterical and actually covered a lot of ground. I suppose when you are as naturally funny as he is and your delivery is spot on, you can talk about anything. If you have 8 minutes to spare, check out the video. it’ll make your day.


That’s it for me, have a great weekend everyone!