a little box of sunshine

Have you ever had a day where things just aren’t going the way they should? Maybe your day got off to the wrong start- you forget your keys, find a rip in your work outfit, office is out of coffee, etc?  Maybe you’re feeling sick (the bipolar weather in Dallas has had this effect on me), homesick or just down about life? Sometimes all you need is a little box of sunshine.

box of sunshine

Pinterest is a wonderful collection of all things creative, unique, fashionable, expensive and beautiful. So when my sister forwarded me this Box Full of Sunshine idea from the blog Sometimes Creative, I absolutely loved it and wanted to see how many variations I could do for the people in my life.

Making a box of anything is a very inexpensive, thoughtful and fun way to send some love to a person that either is going through a tough time or just needs a little pick-me-up.

Here’s how ya do it:

1. Pick a certain theme color and go to the grocery/drug/dollar/candy store and just start picking things out that either represent that person or theme, making sure they are all the same color.

2. Get a standard box from the local post office, FedEx/UPS and make sure you have enough padding for all the goodies inside.

3. Buy/make a card or write a handwritten note to the person about the box.

4. Ship out going the cheapest route possible (the local post office is usually the cheapest)

Here are some ideas of different boxes you could do:

Lots of Love Box (LOL): Red theme color. Ideal for a significant other (if going for a romantic theme, just don’t make it cheesy!) or even your mom. Idea items: hot tamales, plush hearts, nail polish, swedish fish.

Little Miss Sunshine: Yellow theme color. Ideal for anyone including friends, co-workers (that you’re close to), siblings, parents and significant other. Idea items: lemonheads, juicy fruit, candles, sunshine picture.

Study Break: Blue or green theme color. Ideal for those that are in school and studying hard. Idea items: red bull, pen/pencil, airheads, laffy taffy.

New Mommy: Pink or blue theme color depending on if baby is a boy or girl. Make the little items for the mommy and not the baby. Idea items: tea, bubbalicious gum, iTunes download.

Hitched: White color theme. Ideal for either newly engaged or newlyweds. With wedding planning, things can get super hectic with a lot of stress. This person will need some cheering up even though it’s an exciting time. Idea items: mentos, tea, kleenex, clear mini alcohol bottle.

Have you tried any of these? Ever made a box for someone? I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “a little box of sunshine

  1. Yes! I made a “Help you recover from surgery” box for my sister after foot surgery. She had to sit with her foot elevated for weeks, so I sent her a box that contained: A funny get well card, a comfy, soft and warm throw blanket, lavender scented bath gel and lotion, magazines, a book with poems and inspirational and witty thoughts about sisters, sees candy and crossword and sudoku puzzle books with pencils, pens and erasers. She LOVED it! Said it made her day–just the reaction I was aiming for!

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