Merry Christmas 2014

christmas 2014

Every Christmas we get our fair share of holiday cards from people that we are lucky to have in our lives. A time where friendship and family really shine and come together to celebrate love.

This year is especially important for me because my family decided to make the trip up to San Francisco and spend it with me. With a year that’s been a whole lot of adjustment, the fact that they made the trip to be with me brings me so much happiness it brings me to overwhelming tears (in my defense, I’m also hormonal). My sister and I built a gingerbread house (a first for this family), we borrowed a table and chairs from my awesome in-laws (an apartment in SF isn’t made for dinner parties) and made the traditional Mexican Christmas meal consisting of lomo (pork loin), carrot salad and ponche (the best punch you could ever have). It’s also the first Christmas where we are combining the two families and doing Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.

christmas 2014

christmas 2014

I also think about the friends I’ve made here. Most being transplants to the Bay Area, we’ve bonded over life in San Francisco, the trials and tribulations of finding work and being away from family. They have been my saving grace in adjusting life without my family in another state. This Christmas I’m so thankful for them.

To this blog, this year has brought new posts about being pregnant and living in the city. I am grateful to the readers who decide to comment, like the posts and even share to others. This is my creative outlet and I love being able to share my experiences and thoughts with anyone willing to read.

Merry Christmas everyone, and as one of my favorite Christmas cards said: “Remember to love above all things”

christmas 2014

What It Means to Say “I’m Busy”


In 2011 I was working full time at a job I hated, planning a wedding and finishing up my MBA. I was “busy” in the most logical of terms. With waking up at 8am to be at work by 9, leaving early and hitting rush hour traffic to get to class by 6pm and then coming home to look at flower vendor contracts, I’m surprised I even saw my now husband and fed the dog every night.

Although I remember being so busy, what I don’t remember is skipping out on the things I really wanted to do. I went to concerts, dinners, movies and made time to call my parents every once in a while.

Many times I think we get caught up in using the words “I’m busy” to really mean “I don’t want to carve out time for you”. It sounds harsh, but think about a time when you were so busy that you felt you had no life. I’m sure you still went to that dinner party that one time, or spent an hour catching up with your sister over the phone. I know I did. In our technological world it’s not even a secret anymore, because the same day you told your friend you don’t have time to talk, sure enough, someone is going to tag you in a Facebook post during “Happy Hour at Bob’s Wine Dive”.

My sisters are two of the busiest people I know, but when we all lived in Dallas, we made time for our weekly Monday “sister night” to catch up and have dinner.

I read an interesting article on about busyness being a virtue. That saying you’re busy makes it look like you’ve got so much going on, when in reality people aren’t as busy as they think they are. Makes sense right? If I was truly as busy as I told people I was in 2011, I wouldn’t have slept, ate, pet the dog or said hi to Justin that year, and that for sure didn’t happen.

So think about what the implication is the next time you tell people “I’m busy”. If it’s to someone important, make time. If not, well, I guess you have your answer.

It’s A…

baby reveal cupcakes

When the time neared when we would find out what the gender of our baby was going to be, people would ask us if we were going to find out, or wait until the baby was born. My response every time was:

“There are enough surprises in pregnancy, this one isn’t going to be one of them”

Justin (being like a lot of daddy-to-be’s) really wanted a boy, and I dreamt it would be a girl. Growing up with 2 sisters who are my forever best friends and seeing the relationship I have with my mom, it seemed the desirable choice (even though a boy would be quite fun). We did a lot of the old wives tale tricks like the Chinese Gender Chart and heart rate test (both turning out to be correct). When the ultrasound tech finally got to the gender, it was a resounding:

“It’s A Girl!”


I knew I wanted to do some kind of gender reveal party, but since my parents and sister were going to be in town and going to the ultrasound along with my mother-in-law, Justin and I decided to do a mini reveal get-together for the rest of his family.

I’m all about cupcakes, and I decided to get some simple ones done at Kara’s Cupcakes here in San Francisco. 10 minutes later we had fresh, delicious, absolutely adorable vanilla cupcakes to bite into at the same time to reveal the pink frosting!



Here’s to our baby girl and all things PINK 🙂