Couples Shower Ideas

My sister is getting married in February and the time for showers and parties has begun! First up, the couples shower.

Couples showers are fairly popular and I think it’s because some man who was engaged decided he wanted a shower too and since there is no “grooms” shower, a “couples shower” was born.

So with my sister being a wedding planner in her past life and me loving anything unique and creative, we started planning. Here are the main things everyone needs for a successful couples shower:

1. Venue

Your cheapest option will be someones house. Other options include a restaurant, clubhouse or backyard. We decided (after much deliberation) to do it at my sisters apartment clubhouse. For a fee, we had it for 5 hours and it was super spacious, plus we didn’t have to clean up our own house.

Couples Shower Venue Tips


2. Food

It definitely helps if your mom can cook, as our mom made AMAZING cheese balls, tacos (we’re Mexican so tortillas and salsa are in there somewhere) and frijoles (refried beans). She also has access to Sam’s Club which is super handy if feeding more than 10. Basic food items should be dips with veggies and fruit, chips and salsa, a meat dish and sweet desserts like cookies or cupcakes. Alcohol also helps. For our brunch shower we had Mimosa’s, Sangria’s and Bloody Mary’s.

Couples Shower Food Tips

Couples Shower Food Ideas

Tip: If you are trying new recipes, have a “cooking experiment” day. It looks really pretty on Pinterest until you try it yourself. This way you can adjust accordingly. Here’s the recipe for the egg stuffing cups shown above, yum.

3. Invitations

Vistaprint should be your go-to if looking for inexpensive, fast and no fuss invitations. Other sites (if you want to be more fancy) include Wedding Paper Divas, Storkie and Shutterfly. Note that you don’t have to specifically look for invitations that say “couples shower”, any party invitation can be customized with text to be whatever you want, just look for a template and design that you like. Rehearsal Dinner templates and Engagement Party invitations work great as well.

4. Music

Pick something that the bride and groom love, but is pleasing for everyone. Laid back tunes from Jack Ingram, John Mayer and Lumineers are good background music. When it gets later in the night (or day depending on when you’re hosting the shower), turn up the music. My sister loves Beyonce and her fiance is all about house music. We made sure that was played, even if it was during clean-up time.

5. Games

Sometimes games can be really cheesy, but sometimes they can be really fun. The key to them is to make them FUNNY for everyone. If you can get people to laugh without embarrassing the bride and groom then you’ve got a winner. We played the “Shoe Game“(click on the link to learn more) at the shower, and the questions varied from who does the dog love more to who has more clothes. Below are some that we did:

Wedding Shoe Game Questions


If you are looking to give a gift other than the shower itself, a unique “guestbook” is the way to go (I can’t take credit for this idea, my sister had the idea and it ended up being the perfect gift). Go online and find a picture of a tree with no leaves like this one. Then buy a small canvas (a 12 x 12 works great) with the tree picture from a company like Canvas Discount. Finally, buy some ink-pads either at you local Michael’s or even online from Amazon. As guests come in, they can press their finger on one of the ink-pads and place it on one of the branches like “leaves” with their name above it. There you have it, an adorable guestbook and keepsake of the shower for the bride.

Unique Couples Shower Gift

That’s it! Use resources like Pinterest and blogs to get those creative juices flowing and have a great couples shower. Good luck!



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