friday’s fab five {11.16.12}

The fab five is posted every Friday to end the week on a happy note and features items on my radar that I’m loving right now. Who knows, you might find something that could be on your fab five list!

Bring on scarfs and sweaters, it’s getting cold out there! I found this drawing last week and described this week’s weather perfectly:


Gemma Correll

This is how I felt all week-long with my down comforter pulled up to my nose and my arm quickly appearing only to snooze the alarm in the morning. Any of you feel like this?

I also saw this quote that had me laughing out loud as soon as I saw it:

Not a morning person
So not a morning person


Both are on my facebook page.

Here’s this week’s fab five:

1. Clif Bars (new seasonal flavors)

Clif Bar Iced Gingerbread

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone pumpkin crazy this fall. I want nothing but pumpkin lattes from Starbucks, pumpkin muffins, scones and pumpkin pie (I also apparently have a craving for carbs). Clif bars are protein bars but made with all natural ingredients. The seasonal flavors include Peppermint Stick, Iced Gingerbread and Spiced Pumpkin Pie. YUM.

2. Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”

Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” (official video)

I’ve played this song in my car 4,987,234 times (ok maybe not that many but it definitely seems that way). It’s super catchy and I’ve used it as my warm up in my hip hop class (Tuesday nights at 7pm at LA Fitness in Carrollton!) twice now. My whole perspective of him has changed ever since he hosted Saturday Night Live. I love his backup band as well because they dance too. Job well done Mr. Mars.

3. Trident Layers Gum

Trident Layers Gum
Strawberry Mango Flavor

I’m not a huge gum chewer, mostly because I have teeth that don’t like anything super sticky. However, these are great for when you’re craving something sweet and when both my mom and sister reached for it at the grocery store, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I’ve tried the Strawberry and Peach and they are both awesome.

4. Charlotte Russe Boots

Charlotte Russe Flat Boots
Charlotte Russe Flat Boots


Charlotte Russe is not a store I shop in regularly, mainly because the clothes are cut to fit a skinny midget with no boobs or butt (or just skinny people). However, head over to the shoe department and you’re in heaven (at least I am). The shoes are affordable, seem to always run a deal (buy one pair and the second is only $15) and are comfortable. My black flat boots have lasted a good 4 years and I wore them almost everyday. I want these mustard boots. Check them out!

5. Baby Shampoo (as an eye makeup remover)

Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo has a lot of uses I’m coming to find out. It’s a cheap and gentle shampoo for my dog and most recently discovered to be an excellent eye makeup remover. I know it seems like not a good idea to put shampoo on your eyes, but just a little dab takes off your makeup in seconds. Buy a little travel size and test it out for yourself.


That’s it for this week, I’ll be celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday on Saturday. Huge milestone!

Have a great weekend!!

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