Happy Halloween (or not)

So today is Halloween and I’m not a fan. It was fun when I was 5 and got to dress up like a pumpkin. Those times were fun- riding in the car with my parents going from house to house with our buckets collecting candy from strangers. Then going back to the house and dumping all of our candy so our parents could check the ones that looked suspicious and throw them out. Dressing up in fun costumes, those were the good times.

As I get older though, it just hasn’t been fun anymore. I don’t like being scared, scary movies, or haunted houses. It’s also become that one night where looking slutty is ok, where the less clothing you have on the better the costume. I thought about being an m&m until I saw that the costume was a tight little dress with two eyes on it. Ok maybe not an m&m…

So every year I decide not to do anything for Halloween yet I somehow get coaxed into coming to a party. I don’t know why I go along with it, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my husband likes Halloween and seeing him get excited to put his pirate costume on is just cute. I went with a cat costume (basically ears and a tail) and went to my sisters party. We hung out for a while, played flip cup (so fun) and mingled with the crew. We had a great time and as I was playing flip cup I was reminded that even though it’s Halloween, it’s really just another excuse to hang out with awesome people. We ducked out of there before they all went to party it up (which I was told was a good move later on that night).

So there’s my Halloween story. I can keep pledging for the holiday to go away, but I don’t think I’ll win. For now, I’ll just stick with the cat costume. Meowwww

take me out to the ball game!

Well last night was a first for me, went to a World Series baseball game. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but if I’m going to go to a game, the World Series is not a bad one to go to! One of our friends works for the Cardinals and got us tickets to the game and even passes for the after party.

The night was surreal. First of all, the weather was awesome, which is so rare for Dallas. Second of all, the Rangers won which put everyone in a good mood. But what struck me the most about the game was the good energy in the stadium. It was amazing to feel all the joy, happiness, excitement and even at times nervousness in the stadium. They counted and there were 51,432 attendees. The place was packed. So packed actually that I couldn’t get Internet connection on my phone at all the entire night (and then my phone died of course from trying). The skies were clear without a hint that it was going to rain, the sun set as we were watching the game and I was with my love.

Our friend is a huge Cardinals fan and went from holding his Cardinals towel really tight to biting it, to eventually un-threading it as he came to terms that they were going to lose. It was a tough weekend for him, he came to Texas and both nights that his beloved team played they lost. I feel his pain when the Houston Rockets lose. Since the next game is in St. Louis I think the Cardinals might get a win now that they are down 3-2.

I can’t say enough about last night and how awesome it was. We drank beer, shared a Chicago-style hot dog and good old fashioned peanuts. Event the drive home was nice. It’s amazing how a win can make everyone on the road more patient, go-with-the-flow and happy. Here’s to the World Series and having experienced it. Go Rangers!baseball-world-seriesbaseball-world-seriesworld-series-baseballtexas-rangers-baseball-world-seriesbaseball-world-series

my sisters: our little trio

One of the many joys of having a new job is disposable income. To be able to go shopping and get the things you want without worry is such a good feeling that is sometimes taken for granted. Now mind you I’m a serious bargain shopper, so we’re not talking multiple $$$, but shopping without worry is a great feeling and I’ll leave it at that.

I spent the day with my sisters, and its times like today where I feel truly lucky to be a part of the unbalanced, dramatic yet super loyal trio that we are. We spent 7 hours at the mall (you heard right) and spent more money than we planned, but it was good to catch up. I love that I’m a part of this group. If we weren’t sisters there is no way we would be friends, but being bonded by blood has made us the closest group that I could ever imagine. We fight hard, love hard and don’t let anyone get in our way. Friends come and go, but your sisters are forever (good one mom).

I came home and while my husband was working on a huge project, I got to spend some time in front of the TV and NOT watch football. So I turned on 4 hours of uninterrupted TV to watch Kim Kardashians wedding. Yep, 4 hours of sister bickering, drama filled tears and lots of money. In the last 15 minutes of the show they featured the wedding, and seeing Kim at her wedding (and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities- umm Wolfgang Puck catering and a diamond bracelet from the groom) with her sisters beside her just brought me back to how much I love my sisters the same way she loves hers. We are very close, and to mess with one sister means you mess with all of us. I wouldn’t change them for the world, and I’m so blessed that we are close, hang out when we can, and always stay on each others radar. I love my little trio and I’ll see them on Monday for sister night 🙂