my sisters: our little trio

One of the many joys of having a new job is disposable income. To be able to go shopping and get the things you want without worry is such a good feeling that is sometimes taken for granted. Now mind you I’m a serious bargain shopper, so we’re not talking multiple $$$, but shopping without worry is a great feeling and I’ll leave it at that.

I spent the day with my sisters, and its times like today where I feel truly lucky to be a part of the unbalanced, dramatic yet super loyal trio that we are. We spent 7 hours at the mall (you heard right) and spent more money than we planned, but it was good to catch up. I love that I’m a part of this group. If we weren’t sisters there is no way we would be friends, but being bonded by blood has made us the closest group that I could ever imagine. We fight hard, love hard and don’t let anyone get in our way. Friends come and go, but your sisters are forever (good one mom).

I came home and while my husband was working on a huge project, I got to spend some time in front of the TV and NOT watch football. So I turned on 4 hours of uninterrupted TV to watch Kim Kardashians wedding. Yep, 4 hours of sister bickering, drama filled tears and lots of money. In the last 15 minutes of the show they featured the wedding, and seeing Kim at her wedding (and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities- umm Wolfgang Puck catering and a diamond bracelet from the groom) with her sisters beside her just brought me back to how much I love my sisters the same way she loves hers. We are very close, and to mess with one sister means you mess with all of us. I wouldn’t change them for the world, and I’m so blessed that we are close, hang out when we can, and always stay on each others radar. I love my little trio and I’ll see them on Monday for sister night 🙂

hello, my name is…

Ah networking, it’s a necessity of the working life.

I’ve always been slightly reluctant to engage in it, simply because I’m not one of those that can pretend to like someone if I don’t. With me it’s always been what you see is what you get. So going to networking events where people are just talking to you because of where you work or who you know is just superficial to me. However, connections are a big part of getting through life, the next job, or the next big opportunity. In marketing especially, it’s about the connections you have and how they can help you in the future.

I went to an event last night to hear a speaker talk about his book, and they had some time before the presentation for networking. After recognizing no one aside from my coworkers, I finally saw a familiar face of someone who I had met previously. He walked up to say hi and the conversation was actually fun. Before the networking session was over, we knew more about each other and what we could do to help each other in business. As I was driving home, I was thinking about this whole notion of networking and how it can work for me.

It’s not about making instant friends or getting people to like you. It’s really about a group of people with the same goal- say hi, collect a business card, add them to their linkedin network, and keep them in mind should they ever have to name drop. Rarely are real friends made, and you know that going in. For me, it helps to have a reason to talk to someone at a networking event. Now I won’t say that I’m instantly comfortable with the idea of networking, but I’ve found a new perspective to make it work for me personally.

It also doesn’t hurt that these events usually have alcohol 🙂

hi Dallas, it’s nice to meet you

dallas-restaurantsIt’s funny to see how much goes on in the city you live in that you just didn’t know about. Southwest Airlines had a live concert in the air? 828 is a speakeasy bar only open for 9 days? There is a giant food fight next month? Zombie crawl in Deep Ellum as a blood drive? So crazy but so fun at the same time. It’s really given me a reason to explore the city again as if I just moved here. I’m finally in a job where I can be involved in all the cool things happening around town and be an active part of it. I love food, and with Dallas being such a foodie city, I’m ready to explore these new restaurants opening up everyday. Horne and Dekker is next on my list. I’ve already tried some new ones this month and here are my favorites that I’d recommend checking out:

Middlesome Moth- located in the Oaklawn area, it’s got a killer brunch and the vibe is real chill. They have stained glass windows and a cute patio for days we get so few of.

Tillmans Roadhouse- I was not looking forward to this place, especially for brunch because the first thing that comes to mind when you think “roadhouse” is steak. But oh no, it’s awesome. $2 mimosas and monkey bread. Ummmm yeah…

Smoke- southern BBQ. Oh so good. We went for my husbands birthday and the meat just fell off the bone it was so good. Add strawberry fizz cocktails, pimiento cheese croquettes and churros to that and you’ve got a meal. I also love the smell of wood fire and they pump that all over this place.

As far as events, my company is sponsoring the Tomato Battle next month. Get ready- 300,000lbs of over ripe tomatoes, battle of the bands and beer. Oh man…

There are so many creative and cool events that are being hosted all the time that we really should take advantage of and step out of our comfort zone. Get some friends together and get out of the house 🙂

Here’s to exploring the city of Dallas!