what do people get at LUSH?

Bath bombs and huge square soaps, that’s what I think of when someone talks to me about Lushproducts. I went into a store a couple of years ago and when I couldn’t find anything that smelled good enough (at the time I was down for anything that made me smell like a giant strawberry shortcake or anything equally fruity and sweet), I walked out and never looked back.

So when I was asked to be a mystery shopper a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this store another chance. That’s when the buying of products happened. Their top sellers are as follows:

Ocean Salt

Mask of Magnaminty

Bath Bombs

Buffy Body Butter

Dream Cream

The store is overwhelming, with lots to smell, test and read about, all which is completely unknown to you. Face cleansers in log shapes, face masks that need to be refrigerated, bath bombs that look like giant balls in all colors of the rainbow. That’s Lush. Their products are never tested on animals, are handmade/hand mixed and are very planet friendly.

Let me tell you first that every person that works in the stores is SUPER nice and SUPER knowledgeable about the products sold including ingredients, how to use and what products go great with each other. They are friendly and not annoying, helpful without being fake and you walk out of there wanting to be best friends. At least that’s the impression I got, at 2 different locations. Now on the products.

After 45 minutes of being shown pretty much every product in the store, I walked away with samples (they give you samples of anything you want to try), products I’m excited to try, and a big smile on my face. Let’s get down to it:


clockwise from top left:

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, $6.95: This is one of the masks that needs to be refrigerated and has a 3 week shelf life. This oatmeal, banana and almond mixture is great for dry/flaky skin and smells so good I could eat it (I did taste it and it’s not bad). One of my favorite masks and actually made it into my fab five. Have used it twice and my skin feel as soft as ever.

Mask of Magnaminty, $24.95: I’m a big fan of clay masks, especially those that can clear skin without stripping. I love the super minty smell of this best-selling, china clay mask, but I was worried that the harsh fragrance would irritate my sensitive skin. It really hasn’t and I’ve been happy with this product. There is a smaller size for about $10 that is also an option (or just ask for a sample!).

Ambrosia Shaving Cream, $9.95: I haven’t been a fan of Skintimate shaving creams or other ones that foam. It tends to cause red bumps and irritation. Soap and water is a no-go, so I tend to go for something super rich and creamy. The Whish shaving cream has been a favorite of mine and was hoping this would take its place. Alas, even though I loved the refreshing, tingily feel of this cream, it might be better suited for shaving the face instead of my legs. Clogged up the razor and left my skin feeling ultra dry. Not a fan. I’m hoping my husband likes it better.

Ocean Salt, $21.95: This is also best-seller, so naturally I had to see what all the fuss was all about. It smells like saltwater and reminds me of the beach. It’s a gentle scrub, although I had to be extra gentle with my sensitive and redness-prone face as it can get irritated easily. Love it for the body and although it dries the skin a little (it’s got salt and vodka people!), an after shower lotion fixes it right up. I would recommend this product.

The shampoos/conditioners are a work in progress. I tried Blousey Shampoo (made with bananas) and American Cream Conditioner and they were both just too light and a bit stripping for my chemically processed, dry, coarse hair. They gave me Fair Trade Honey Shampoo to try as it has a serious amount of real honey in the formula. We’ll see how that goes.

Bottom line: go to the store yourself and give yourself some time to look around and ask for help. I love the smell and lasting power of the massage body butters, but they felt a tad greasy for me (they have dusting powders, but who wants another product to put on?). The bath bombs are well, the bomb. Go for a fresh face mask- ask them which one would be great for your skin, it’s only $7.

What about you? What product have you tried and love from Lush? I’d love to hear!

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