Sochi Olympics: the problem with figure skating

Have you been watching the Sochi Olympics this year? Aside from my favorites, I’m really liking the snowboarding competition!

sochi olympics

When it comes to the games, I always tune into the sport that is most like dancing and involved some sort of choreography. In the summer games, it’s gymnastics. Winter games always goes to figure skating.

There are problems that I see with the sport, and unfortunately, none of them have to do with the actual skating.

1. Commentators

The commentators are a big part of watching the games, and I can’t get over how cheesy the figure skating ones are. Imagine watching a great game of hocky (like USA versus Russia) for example:

“Team USA is really giving it all they got in this game, their dreams could end tonight”

“That’s right Bob, but regardless of what the score ends up being, watching these athletes glide through the ice is just magical”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. They just take your breath away don’t they?”

LAME. These are the expert insights? These men and women are athletes that do things I couldn’t do to save my life.

sochi olympics

2. Costume

This is going more to the men than the women. The women stand by the standard: dresses with sparkle. It’s been like that for years and they’ve been able to pull it off pretty nicely (for the most part).

The men however, are a different story. Take this outfit:

sochi olymics

Really? I mean the guy ended up winning gold but what’s up with the cheap rhinestone detail and ombre black to white sleeves? Although his skating was flawless, I think the costume takes away from his incredible athletic ability.

Movies like Blades of Glory are made because of these two factors, in my opinion. If commentators really gave expert insight instead of talking about how “this dance is just magical” and if the attire actually focused on the strength and elegance of the sport, I think figure skating would be a different story.

What do you think?

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What do you think?