wednesday in review: uncle uber’s sammich shop

Sandwich? Sangwich? Sammich? Uncle Uber’s Sammich shop in Deep Ellum has serious sandwiches with a personality that’s anything but serious.

uncle uber's sammich shop

Enter though the pretty normal looking doors to the shop and wait in line while you take in the decor. A mirror with a sign that says “our favorite customer”, the definition of “sammich” and a colorful chalkboard with the menu items line the small space. Items like goat cheese and bacon sandwich and pork “BunMe” as well as salads and burgers are up for grabs. The craft beers are good for a particularly rough day. Their handmade ice cream sandwiches are enough to make you say yes to sugar.

uncle uber's sammich shop

uncle uber's sammich shop

No wonder this shop has gotten some pretty awesome press, their sandwiches are really good. My sister and I went there for lunch earlier this week and after looking at the menu, we decided on the chicken sandwich (grilled with uber sauce, romaine lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion on toasted bun) and a cuban (slow roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and uber sauce on baguette) with a side of hand cut fries to split. Ranch dressing on the side? Of course.

uncle uber's sammich shop

So it wasn’t the most healthy lunch, but I loved taking in the atmosphere while waiting for our order to be called. “Order for Sandra, Sandra come on down” made me laugh a little- I love a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Although the place wasn’t packed, the small space had enough tables for us to sit down and enjoy the meal.

If you like sandwiches and want a place that’s not pretentious with a quirky personality, come check this place out. I’ll be back for sure.

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop

2713 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226





2 thoughts on “wednesday in review: uncle uber’s sammich shop

  1. Growing up in rural WV, I heard a lot of old folks use the expression sammiches. Today’s post brought a smile to my face and a longing for a tasty sammich, but I’m in TN and this little sammich shop is in TX. I guess I’ll have to settle for home-made sammiches today for lunch instead. Thanks for joining my WW linky party today!

    Indian Boundary Lake

    • Absolutely, thanks for hosting! I’ve never heard the term sammich, so it made me laugh a bit when I heard it. Guess you’ll just need to travel to TX to get one of these sammiches, it’ll be worth it!

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